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Saturday, March 27

almost perfect.

yesterday i went to my friend Matti's birthday party :)
it was actually alot of fun!
my friend Bri was there who i havent seen in a long time
and i hung out with Matt & met his sister and friends
my friends Kelly and Domii were there and we were hyper XD
i was talkative because i knew everyone there
we were all dancing and Matti tried to teach Domii how to dance
we had pizza and cake then at the end we had a bonfire with marshmallows :D
but during the bonfire i got mad and threw my phone across the yard..
because i was ditched for someone else and i knew it was going to happen..
after the party i took my friend Kelly home and invited her to my church's play
when i got home i wasnt in the mood to do anything at all
i tried to play a DS game,
i tried to listen to music
i tried to play bass, draw, paint,
just didnt want to do anything
just hit things...
if he had come to the party like he said he would,
 my day would have been perfect

1 comment:

Mina said...

Sorry that one person ruined your night.

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