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Tuesday, March 2

Sick today -_-

my stomachs been hurting for a few days
but today it was the worst :/
and everyone i know is hanging out without me for the second day in a row..
and it makes me feel really left out..

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikikiki~~ saw your 3rd latest post o(^-^)o

same i`m also having tummy-ache now o(-.-)o

i haven`t poop since 2 days ago XDXD


woaaah~~~ zoology o(T^T)o

i love that lesson but too bad
we don't have it here o(-.-)o

do you study only math???

we have additional math here &
it totally hard!!!!!!!! o(-.-)o

&& our add math exam will be tomolo o(TxT)o

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