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Sunday, April 11

#17 :)

Nick went to church with me today :D
he was getting a little aggravated with me towards the beginning of the day because i was in a bad mood kind of and the people in the room were making me irritated which irritated him
it didnt take me too long to get in a better mood
but after i felt better i was scared to hold his hand because i thought he was mad :(
but when we were in class he wrote "kitty" with a heart next to it on his hand
so i wrote "LOVE NICK" across my fingers
he smiled at me and showed me he wasnt mad and held my hand

during the service, Sam said we could sit somewhere else instead of me doing the sound
so me and Nick straight up ate a loaf of bread lol
and i had half a cookie and dr.pepper, he had Mountain Dew
he brought quarters specifically to buy me Dr.Pepper :)
aint he cute? <33

i got to watch Nicko play soccer for the first time today :)
i was happy to finally see him play
every time i saw the number 17 i was like 
"aww, thats my baby!!"
he's so cute bouncin around everywhere with his hair floppin in the wind
hehe he's so adorable <333
his team lost by like 1 point :(
i tried to keep score but i got distracted by the people on the sidelines talking and later his sister and her dog Bella
....which eventually peed on me -_- haha

we went to Frisches to eat and then Nicko showed me all of the graffiti around the area on the way home
or i thought we were going home lol
we went to the Goody Shop and got the best chocolate shakes EVER
i swear they're the best <33
i want another one now >.<

when i got home, i didnt wanna be there
i missed nick already >.<
then for some reason i felt the need to tease him lol
then he called me and i got to hear his cute voice

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