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Friday, April 16

guess what i found on my couch yesterday...!

a cute boy with pretty eyes, long bouncy hair and a LaSalle school uniform
Nicko came over :D and i cooked for him
i made Chili 3-Ways :) he said he liked it :)
the first time i really have cooked for him
we played around with my sister and we painted a little
it made me happy to see him :)
and i kinda attacked him before he left but he didnt mind lol
i got super tired and fell asleep early for some reason 
but i slept really well ^_^
now i'm at school....
because the home internet doesnt work again -___- *
hopefully it will soon though...
cuz i dont like this stupid "i have to go outside to get wifi" crap

1 comment:

Mina said...

Awww, that was soo sweet of you! :)

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