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Saturday, August 7

Poem - I'd Rather You Hate Me Because I'm Strange

maybe i'll send a letter one day
if all of the words that i had meant to say
all of the times i've pleaded and days i've prayed
that i could live without my skin in the way

dread, i do this color, "brown"
mellow, neutral and calm but the color of ground
with or without it, i'd hardly make a sound
but sometimes this color doesnt let me stay around

certain people and certain things
saying "it should be different, the way she sings"
people hiding certain things and feelings
and expecting you to love chicken wings

its not something i can change
my skin cant just rearrange
i'd rather you reject me because im strange
not because my skin is in a darker range

relationships, friendships and even church
no matter where i perch
it's always felt the worst since the very first
i dont think alot of  people realize how much it hurts

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