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Tuesday, October 19


About yourself:
Full Name: Asberry Ann Quinones
Birthday: February 4
Status: Engaged
Gender: Girl
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican / Black

- U P D A T E -

Eating: easy mac
Drinking: mint tea
Smelling: air freshener
Playing: DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Watching: me goin ham on chiaotsu's @$$
Reading: the captions on the screen
Listening to: Type O Negative - IYDKMIGTHTKY
Thinking about: i miss Nicko :(

List 5 thingyou think people need to know about you:
1. i'm taken and i'm happy, don't criticize my relationship or get anywhere in between it or i can guarantee i will hold it against you. this is the best thing that has ever happened to me and if you don't like it then stay out of it. most people don't know anything about our relationship and say whatever they want.
2. if you do something to me and don't say sorry for it, then i wont talk to you until you apologize...pretty simple. if you copy me, or talk about me or do something behind my back, there's an 87% chance that i know you did it. if you wonder why i wont talk to you, think back because you most likely did something...
3. i'm a really emotional person and i don't take getting made fun of very well...i get mad easily but never act on my anger. certain things can make me explode, but most people have never seen me honest-to-God angry. no one has, i don't think.
4. my favorite color is purple, i love every form of art and writing, i play bass and i love to dance.
5. i remember everything.

List 5 thingyou love:
1. nick <3
3. my bass
4. all art & music
5. my laptop

List 5 thingyou hate:
1. the sound of people eating.
2. being copied
3. anyone who takes my credit
4. nightmares
5. someone...

List 2 things you need at the moment:
1. snuggles from my baby :)
2. a hug :(

List 2 things you're craving at the moment:
1. monster
2. flamin hots with lime

- Q U E S T I O N S -
What are your top 3 favorite bands?
HIM, Alice in Chains, Type O Negative

What is your favorite color?

Which place around you has the best pizza?
Papa Johns

What language do you think is the most romantic?

What era do you think you would have fit best in?
80's or 90's

What country do you think you should have been born in?

What is your favorite subject in school?

What do you wanna do when you grow up?
leaning towards an Art Therapist

Chicken or Fish?

Are you bored?

Wasn't that last question just rude?
lmao! XD wth?

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