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Tuesday, December 21

dying my hair :D

taken last night during the process xD

and now after! i love it ^_^
will post better pictures of it soon.
well i am confused :|
i can't doodle for some reason :/
i was kinda sad when nick told me that people were like picking on him because of them...
so i untagged him from the pictures on FB and hid the album from all his friends
hopefully that helps :/
i was afraid that would happen...
i wasn't thinking of it as a childish thing...more of just creative :/ when i get inspired i take it out on art, i just wanted to make drawings that were as cute as we are
:( i wont post anymore on facebook though......just on here and maybe deviantART if i ever get back on xD
i feel bad now :/ they probably arent gonna leave him alone about it...
ugh :( i always mess up somehow
my ID picture turned out really ugly xD
its really unfortunate lol
the first pic was good, but i wanted to retake cuz i smiled too big and my gums were showing but at the last minute my mom said "put your head up" and now i look like i have a giant fat chin :(
>_< and she wonders why i never listen to her hahah
i had the wiiiieeeeerdest dream lastnight
i swear i felt like i was on drugs or something....
it was a bad dream, but it was kind of funny in a really disturbing way because of how ridiculous it was
i really don't know how i feel about that dream @_@
so wierd...and awkward...and what not you know? eeek....
yeah im gonna stop thinking about that now xD
i'll post some better pics of my hair in a bit ^_^
ttyl, gonna make food and take a couple pictures :)

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