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Friday, May 27

i wonder how it must feel,

to have a perfect body, a pretty voice
to have perfect hair, and perfect skin
to be smart, to get whatever you want
to rob a bank and not get caught.
to have another summer like summer 2009
to have a summer better than summer 2009
to make every person that hurt me say sorry to my face
to be able to get under people's skin and hurt them on purpose, then not feel guilty about it
to say whatever you want, whenever you want and nobody say anything to you about it
to be in a band and sing whatever i want
to play a 7 string bass guitar
to be a high fashion model
to get married in a garden like my cousin did
to raise a puppy into a nice dog
to be a boy
to play a synthesizer
to graduate from high school
to come to places i'm not welcome and steal the show
to have wide hips
to have natural wavy hair, or light eyes,
to be able to do what i want without my race being looked down upon
to have a big group of friends again
to skate at a skatepark, for the first time since the beginning of the 10th grade
to be bald
to have a job at a store
to have a job as a performer again
to do be able to floor rock break dance
to do a back hand spring again
to be a kindergarten teacher
to be an art teacher
to surf again
to wakeboard and water-ski
to meet HIM & Ville Valo
to meet Parkway Drive, Blessthefall & Escape the Fate, but only to meet Craig...then make blessthefall take him back lol
to be in a screamo band...and scream, again
to play drums like my boyfriend
to wear a pretty corset
to go to Prom
to see what a night club is like, other than in movies
to go on a date downtown
to see a 3D movie
to live in Japan & do Purikura
to ride a Chopper
to have a room mate
to live by myself
to cook on a habachi grill
to see my mom and dad get married
to work for an online store
to be randomly discovered and asked to be on TV
if my blog was famous
if i was a different race
to speak spanish
to be 16 again, but with a liscence
to go to a drive in movie with Nick
be a Greaser like in the outsiders
to live in the 80's and see the young Motley Crue, and all the other bands i love

some times you cant help but wonder about how this stuff would feel, cuz  most of these things would never ever happen without plastic surgery, a time machine or the right friends. i dont have any of those, so lost dreams that will not come true lol oh well... some i want more than others, but its just stuff i wonder about. i think everyone has those types of things

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