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Thursday, May 26

Wisconsin - Part 3 - Bowling!

 we were supposed to go to dave & busters, but it was closed -.- we were all pretty mad lol in the car, we went to this ghetto gas station and ñoño & alex were so funny in the car xD
"there is a twelve year old with dreads smoking a black & mild and a fight right behind our car, carol what the hell are you doing leaving his truck alone? get back in there!" xD he was talking to his sister lol i rode with tehya, ñoño & alex and karen, her cousin, yunyoso and carol in yunyoso's truck.

my sister snapped this stupid picture of me while i was dramaticaly singing to "never gonna give you up" by rick astly xD everyone on my blog just got rickrolled!!! :P sorry xD

ñoño & alex at the bowling alley watching us all bowl
 me and tehya xD sorry unedited and flash  eww D:

 tehya and yunyoso! yunyoso is only his nickname. when we met at the house, i was like "whats your name?" becase i recognized him and didnt know, he said "Alieson" (ah-lee-ay-son) i was like O_o do you have a nickname? he goes "yunyoso" (sounds like june-jo-so) and i was like that didnt help -.- lol
 squeezing the cheek of the mighty cachetes xD i look fat :(
i torture her xD
me, tehya and ñoño ! can you tell we are related xD
i wish xavier would have made it, we look like twins xDD

me and yunyoso, then me and tehya and more of the saez cousins :) i miss them, they were fun :) and i ended the game with a strike :D but most of the time i didnt hit any pins -.- xD
but it was fun i guess. i was in a bad mood most of the time because i missed nick and he was mad that i went :( i tried to cheer up a little, i mean i was with my family and they're awesome too...would have beeen mroe fun with nick though. he would have fit right in with our crazy fun family :)

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