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Wednesday, June 22

long time no see! [[♥.update.♥]]

ohayo gozaimasu  it's 10AM here now, and summer!  
a few things have gone on since i last posted.
i got a job interview at the Speedway gas station
 right up the street from my boyfriend's house,
and it went really well, so i might get the whjob! *hoping*
as you can see in the picture, i dyed a little of my hair too  
i think i look younger in that pic xD it's very recent,
 taken yesterday  
 i'm hanging out with nicko right now, we are still together of course
i am so excited ^_^ i still havent chosen what i want as a gift,
but i know what i'm getting him :) and i'm making a cookie cake
   i cant wait   !!!
if you could only see how my face when i think about it <3
trust me, it is a very very happy happy face :) hehe.
so  here's a run down of randomness that has been happening in my so-called life while you were away:
my boyfriend getting stalked by a 30 year old woman that was in love with him (long story xD) not a very fun situation, but it's over with now. she's part of the reason i havent blogged/vlogged in a while cuz she hacked me and even deleted some posts but i was prepared and recovered them. she had all my passwords and stupid crap like that and wouldnt leave nicko alone! sadly, it was someone who i've known since i was a kid, crazy situation, dont really wanna talk about it xD
was looking for a job, now gotta interview, now waiting for the call back to see if they really want me :) so hopefully they do. i got good memories of that place from me and nick's first summer together so it would actually mean something to me <3
me and nicko have spent almost every morning together :) i usually end up leaving around 2:30.. today he asked me to go to the mall and wants to buy stuff with me ^_^ i really hope that it happens!! cross ur fingers with me xDD we have so much fun together, like we live together :) cook together, play xbox together, cuddle, everything <3 i love it :D i cant wait for our anniversarry!
i have had a really strong urge to start really painting again, like on canvas like i used to. anyone wanna donate? xD i miss it, the expression i guess. i even wrote a song the other day again. which was actually nice to feel that. i had stopped doing creative things for a while.
i finally watched the live action movie for Beck Mongolian Chop Squad! and got nick to watch part of the anime >.> idk if he liked it, cuz he kinda hates anime lol but ya never know :D it was a really different show! and my new anime obsession is La Corda d'Oro :) ~primo passo~

i promise i'll update again soon :) but only if you say you miss me :D
lovelovelovelovelove you all!!! xoxo, aeribaby <3333

1 comment:

Aidyl said...

Yay! Finally!! =) It's a super cute picture!! (*__*)/
I miss you and Rabbito-chan blogging. (>_<)

Seems like your life is pretty exciting thesedays! I wish you luck with the job!!

And it's so nice to hear you and Nick can spend lots of sweet time together!<3
But he's been stalked by a 30yr old?? O___o Sounds creepy!

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