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Saturday, April 25

Hey, How's Your Day?

My day just started since i woke up a few hours ago. Too bad the only thing here to eat is Froot Loops and biscuits...haha
Well, this week has actually been pretty good. I got to hang out with my friends almost all week, and i'm usually only aloud out on the weekends. I wrote a new chapter in my novel "Esparanza" which i really want to publish when i finish it because i love the story and so do some of my friends. But here's the best part of my week:
~First, in Creative Writing, we had an assignment to make up 5 random characters and we could have a partner. Of course, Chloe and I latched on to each other and held on for dear life. Haha i love that girl. Since she is writer too, and we both have limitless imaginations, she made up 2 characters and i made up 2, then we made up the 5th one together. That 5th character was a crazy mess of amazingness! Our fifth character's name was Xavier who was a shaggy haired escaped inmate from a prison on the Isle of the Lost who swam all the way to the US and stole clothes in Minnesota then hitch-hiked his way from S.Dakota but he gets raped by women and chased down the street naked by a NASCAR driver into an abandoned nursing home in Cincinnati, Ohio. And that's me and Chloe's mind. GOOD TIMES :) (she makes school fun)
~Then, in the same class, we get to write scripts and a 3 scene act. This is write up my ally! (haha, get it? write up my ally! hahahaha...i'm a dork) And Chloe's ally too. We got to have partners again so of course, Me+Chloe=Awesomeness! We are teaming up on our script and made character's based on us. Chloe is Rae, and I am Ana. The play starts out with a phone conversation which is HILARIOUS! Maybe i'll post it on here one day so i can share the laughter with you. We're not finished yet, but when we are, its gonna be great. You should read her writings, there's a link on the side somewhere that says "WriteAndWrong." That's her web site.
~Finally , THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK: THURSDAY. I usually don't like Thursday's but this one was amazing. It was "Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day" and my mom works at University of Cincinnati. I got to take a tour of their DAAP program which is one of the best Art programs in the nation! i loved it! And i get to go to school there for FREE because my mom works there. I just have to pay for books. There so many courses i wanna take i might just have to take them all! I'm gonna have more degrees than a thermometer! (i really need to stop with the lame punch lines...) But it's making me so excited to go to college and get the heck out of highschool. There were so many different people and places it just got me so excited. I could just see it now: me just sitting in the grass typing essay's on my laptop drinking iced coffee with my sketchbook right by my side... its gonna be great!

And yesterday was my boyfriend Pete's 18th birthday! I gave him a box of Frosted Flakes :) I went to dinner with him and his family and it was fun even though i felt like i shouldnt have been there, but i love his family especially his little sister Katy, she's adorable. She always gives me hugs!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a strobe light in a hippy van? we were all wondering yesterday and now we know! Pete had the best birthday ever :) That makes me happy.

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