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Monday, April 20

Just Thinking....

Sometimes my mind wonders off into to odd places. I think about really random subjects. Today i was sitting at the computer during lunch at school typing poems on here and randomly started to think, "why am i sitting here and not eating lunch?" Then remembered i didnt have lunch money and started typing again. Then i wondered why my Creative Writing was absent then i wondered how different the class would be if i was teaching it instead of the teacher....I'm guessing everybody thinks about things like this, do they not?

My friend Chloe and i had to make up 5 characters for Creative Writing as an assignment and it went nuts. I wrote 2 then she made 2 and we made the 5th one together. Our characters varied from homeless ballet dancers to NASCAR drivers with a tree fairy in his yard. THEN the 5th character was a runaway inmate from the "isle of the lost" and he swims to the US and steals clothes from Minnesota and hitch-hikes all the way from South Dakota to Cincinnati and gets chased down the street naked by the NASCAR driver for sneaking in his house and using his shower and meets the 2 homeless dancers in an abandoned nursing home where they become best friends and buy a house together...Stories can become amazing with 2 talented minds, lol. Our Imaginations definately leaped bounds today.

To tell you the truth, I'm desperately craving Spicy Tuna Rolls, Pancakes, spinach pizza, root beer and mango ice cream. I dont know why this happens, but i get the wierdest craving combos. The other day all i wanted was pickles, cheese and waffles, Then i woke up at 4 am wishing i had watermelon with salt...SALT! SALT!?! Why with SALT?! See what i mean, my taste buds are crazy, i might wanna get that checked out....nah, i'm fine. :)

Just to let you know, if you are actually reading this, i'm wondering why.

Sincerely, Berry

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