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Monday, April 20

Poem - You Deserve Much Better Than This

he visited me that night,
i was nervous with fright
for what i was about to do
would very much change his life

he sat at the table
happy as i could see
and for almost the whole time
he was looking at me

i went to the kitchen
to fix our drinks
i poured in the wine
and then i think

i put poisin in one
none in the other
i set them on the table
then we talked to each other

we made a toast
"till death do us part"
it made me so sad
to break his innocent heart

we drank our wine
after the toast
he said "i love you"
and i fell from the dine.

he comes to see me
but doesnt know why i died
i kept in what i thought
for he would've denied

what i wanted to say is:
"you deserve much better than this"

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