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Thursday, July 30


As alot of people know, i love coffee. No, not because it gets me really hyper (well, sometimes) i just think it tastes good(...yet i refuse to drink Decaff? heehee)
So anyway, This morning i wake up to my mom playing the radio obnoxiously loud while she was getting dressed. (isn't my job as the adolescent to do stuff like that?)
I understand that you cant hear the music while you're in the shower, but noise wakes me up...and i was having a really good dream!
It was about me and my sister...
i'm off topic again...
i'm just sitting there on the couch with my eyes half open
and all i can hear is Aretha Franklin,
not really my idea of a good alarm...
(then again, this is coming from the girl who wakes up to the song "Shed" by Meshuggah)

my mom finally leaves and i go back to sleep, or i at least try...
i'm awaken again by the phone ringing,
then my mom comes back in the house to get the umbrella
so i gave up on trying to sleep.
Now, i go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee...
in a shout of desperation, i exclaimed


i was devistated.

Just yesterday i had bought some French Vanilla and English Toffee creamer
and they were both gone!
i searched around through all the cabinets
i searched through all of the refrigerator
i even looked under everyone's beds!
What did i find?

So i made it my mission to find a substitute for creamer!

First, there is the first option, Milk.
Tastes good, but wasn't enough for me.
I like flavored coffee,
so i put chocolate syrup in it...

Second Option, no creamer.
I tried the coffee with just sugar
i didn't really like it...
for me its either put cream and sugar
or nothing at all.
but i wasnt in the mood for black coffee

Third option, powedered milk.
It didnt mix very well...
it looked like my coffee had dandruff,
horrible dandruff.
Sick. Gross. Icky. Disgusting.
No. Just no.

Fourth option, chocolate powder.
I learned the hard way
that Nesquik wasn't made for coffee
for a reason
Fifth option, strawberry powder.
Wasnt even gonna mess with that.

Sixth Option, i finally found what i needed!
Ice cream!
it was perfect!
i put in a little milk and sugar
then a scoop of
Double Vanilla ice cream (by Private Selection)
[our pastor's family gave it to us, they had a box they didnt use from the youth group pool party]
i actually liked it better than creamer!
and the vanilla was a good flavor

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