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Sunday, November 8

i am cursed!!!

past 2 days my boyfriend was sick

he had almost 106 fever and headache and stuff
i went to his house for band practice
but he started to get sick right after i got there
so i felt like it was my fault
i felt really bad

so yesterday i made this for him

i wanted to make him feel better...so i tried
he said he loved it
that made me feel happy!!

but then later...
i said i was gonna go to the movies,
my friends wanted to go and we could get in free
so we were gonna see "This Is It"
and then he said he was in a bad mood...
and he said he didn feel like talking to me...
he said he was gonna hit his punching bag for a while...

i'm not sure what i did
the movie was good but i was sad..
the whole time i was thinking about him
and wishing he wasnt mad
i don't like when people are mad
i want people to be happy!!

i always try to do nice things for people
but when i do nice things for people
bad things happen to me

i am cursed!!


Mina said...

Lol, you're not cursed honey! Really, you're not. I know when I'm sick, I get really grumpy, because I can't do much but lay there, ya know? He'll come around and I'm sure he'll apologize for acting like that. That's an adorable picture too!

Berry Quiñones said...

he did apologize, he always does ^-^

but this kind of situation happens alot and its been happening all the time since maybe 5 years ago, so its gotta be something

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