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Saturday, January 23

the only good part about today

after my sister's birthday party, we went to church
for a video game night from 5 - 8
i was sitting there with my laptop editing pictures
after a little while, Nick T., Kelley and Kyle wanted me to come play Apples to Apples with them
but i said no lol
then they whined at me for a straight 5 minutes XD
after i laughed my face off i went over and played it with them
and i almost won >.<
stupid Kyle won >.>
*holds a grudge*

then a little later, i was back at my laptop after some pizza & rootbeer
Nick T. is back over here lol
he's a wacky dude lol
he's also the Pastor's son

we were bored and took random pictures lol

he brags about having no gag reflex XD XD XD

now he's gotta cup in his mouth lol

rotfl now he's trying to eat my face

now we're just bein creepy haha

he's one of the nice people at church,
i dont talk to many people but i talk to him
he's cool :)
and he hates stratocasters XD

hello blog readers,
you have been formally introduced to
Nick Trascritti :D


1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

oh ya~~~ before i forgot!!!!

wish ur sis "belated hapi b-day" for me o(^-^)o

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