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Sunday, January 17

"I'll save you, i'll be your knight in silver skinny jeans"

the title is a quote by Nicko from this morning
and so far that's the only good thing that's happened today
 and probably will be the only good thing.
 Today has just been pure crap.

4 Words:

i just feel lonelier and lonier every day.
i have no life...
i stay home alone and draw,
 write and play intruments,
sing and do a bunch of other stuff
 because no one ever wants to hang out with me

or they'll say they do then make other plans...

that right there is why i never get my hopes up
 because they just fall in the end


Pygmy said...

I'd love to hang out with you!
I don't have a life either, I stay home and chill on the internet..

Anonymous said...

honey why are you waiting on other people to create your happy moments? you are beautiful and talented, grab your camera, and pen and a notebook and get out of your house and explore life and record what you see, you are an artist you are a loner to an extent, all artists are, you are one of us and you will get used to it. What you need to learn is this, you are not alone, you are not yourself, you are *WITH* yourself. you are your very own bestfriend. I understand that you want someone to hang out with but if you get out there and do what you love, camera, writing etc then you will find happiness without even trying. Do it honey, dont wait on others to make you happy, people will raditate and congregate around a person who is essentially happy because they are doing what they love, without waiting for permission from others.
You are all you need, if you understand that, you will have a beautiful life.
you are loved
you are perfect
you are all you need
now go and get out into the cold fresh air and CREATE.

p.s you need to start being kind to yourself and respecting yourself, one lesson i learnt forever and ever ago LOL (cos im old now LOLOL) is that is you talk down about yourself then you give others permission to talk down to you also. Talk with respect and pride in who you are and others will view you and treat you the same way.
Smile, you are a beautiful person.

Mina said...

I wish I was there to cheer you up! I hope things will get better!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

since many people wished eu already~~~ then rabbito comes to say:


i always here for eu o(^3^)o

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