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Thursday, January 21


today was our first out of 2 exam days at school
i got a 44/50 on my first block exam, GO ME!!

....but i got a big fat ZER0 on my second block exam -_-
cuz the teacher is a citag lol (text message mispell of the "B word")
she didnt even tell me who i was supposed to do the exam on,
so i couldnt even do it!! ugh...

but i know i'll pass 4th block and i dont have an exam for 3rd

pretty sure i got an A or B to pass 1st block for the year :)
one credit for me!! and im almost done with history online
im doing better :) im proud of myself :)

after school i went to get coffee with my grandma and she got me a cup for home

then got me some breakfast too

wasnt the best, but man was i hungry!!
even after i got those pancakes today in 2nd block

speaking of 2nd block,
my teacher awarded me as
"The Next Lady Gaga"

...........just kill me now hahaha

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