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Saturday, February 20

beautiful blogger award :D

thank you rabbito from rabbito-bonbon.tk for nominating me :) 

~i am half puerto rican and half black
~my fingers are double jointed
~i am legally a midget if i stay this same height until i am 18
~my whole family is about the same size as me
~i love to draw and write
~my friends call me kitty because i meow like a cat and purr
~i love cereal!

i want to give this to:
rabbito (even tho she gave to me XD)
jan di

thanks again rabbi-chan ^_^ ♥

1 comment:

Jan Di said...

aww~~ berry thanks so much for nominating me~!!! ^^ I will post up the award tomorrow <3

PS. I love reading your poems.. you should get them compiled in a book =)

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