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Wednesday, February 17

he's the best :)

sorry everyone for not updating!
i havent been in a blogging mood >.<
but i'm back! :D
(omg no makeup and hair out of my face 0.o INSANE!)
i was on the phone with nicko in that picture,
he's so sweet <3
i'll post some of the things he said i thought was cute

"i like when you call me 'baby' because it makes me feel like i'm yours, i'm your baby!"
"wanna talk about our future?"
"baby...i love you! mmmuah!"
"aw, you probably look cute" 
- he said that when i described what i looked like, i didnt feel cute!! but he thinks i am :)
"i wish you were laying here next to me," i replied "i might fall asleep on you" he says "good, because that's what i want."
he's just the cutest guy ever.
and the sweetest.
i dont care what anyone says,
and i know we have rough moments at times,
but the bad has never and will never override the good :)
he's amazing, im happy to have him
and he's happy to have me too <3

i just wish the whole world knew..

btw, if there's anything you wanna know about him you can ask him yourself :)
↓ he has a formspring now ↓ ↓

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