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Sunday, March 7

asberry in wonderland?

oh, never lol
i went and saw alice in wonderland today with nick and his friends
and i must say i was disappointed...
i have never seen the original alice in wonderland
but they say its a big acid trip.
the only thing i really liked about this movie 
is the crackhead rabbit as i call it lol
idk, this movie was really awkward to watch especially in the end part
the mad hatter does some creepy dance thing...
it was wierd lol idk
just dont make me watch that again XD

i'll admit that i was annoyed this day
and nick brought to my attention that i was being mean a little >.<
sorry honey i didnt mean too!
sometimes i just forget things and subtly act out
im fine now though..
fine as long as i never have to watch that movie again XD

1 comment:

Mina said...

Aw was it really that bad! I was hoping it would be really good becasue I really wanted to see it!

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