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Monday, March 8

warm weather, its quite nice :)

its starting to feel like spring :D
actually it kinda feels like summer
i just wanna stay outside forever!
i was off school today because the school had a power outage and they couldnt turn the power back on
but it sucked because i had been at the bus stop for 20 minutes before anyone told me!!


when nick got home from school i went over to his house
we played soccer in the street :D
i dont really know how to play soccer so he taught me a little
so i know how to correctly stop a ball now :)
and i learned that i can drop-kick a ball straight

we'd played with spray paint on a practice board
i did a tag at the top then we flipped it over and he did a throwup
then i did one
he said he really liked mine so i was really excited!
because graffiti-style art doesnt come naturally to me
but he's really really good at it
he actually looked at the board for a while and smiled because it looked so good :)
so i learned i could do a tag & throwup
and it looks so much better with paint than on paper

after nick got tired (and i did too)
it was so hot outside
we went in the garage and i looked at his drumset
then thought to myself
"i really wanna learn how to play drums.."
and i think he read my mind because he said he felt like teaching me drums
so he did :D
he taught me how to play using 4/4 times
which i learned from singing lessons but this time it was drumming
i was so confused at first and my leg didnt really wanna cooperate
then my hand kept going stupid >.<
but i started getting it right kinda easily
he said i was learning really fast & sees potential in me :D
so now i can say i know how to play drums :)

i really liked today,
i liked playing with him and him teaching me things
it made me feel special and proud of myself
and it made me excited to learn to do things i couldnt do
or never knew i could do before

thank you nick :) i love you

1 comment:

Mina said...

That sounds like a really awesome day. Definitely since you guys played soccer. Lol. I'm REALLY happy it's Spring Time because it finally gets warm but still windy! :)

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