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Tuesday, March 9

he loves me :)

i've been meaning to post this for some time now,
and someone on formspring has been bothering me to post this.

you could say this post is very well overdue,
but at the same time its not.
Nick sent me these messages when i was asleep on february 20th,
but every time i read them i blush :)
i read these messages over and over all the time and i locked them into my phone so they wont delete no matter what, 
and now to all who havent noticed yet how he really feels,
here you go :)

it makes me feel really special when he calls me Asberry,
or calls me by my full name
for some reason it makes me feel like he's being more serious
because he usually just calls me Kitty, my nickname
so when he says my full name
something about it really gets me feeling special :)

he's the sweetest, most amazing, beautiful, thoughtful, caring, loving, adorable, honest, faithful, perfect guy ever <3
sometimes i think its too good to be true
but then i realized the truth doesnt always hurt

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