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Sunday, April 25

apparently i lick my pillow when i sleep.

today i spent the whole day with Nicko :)
we went to church together, then to my grandma's house.
at my grandma's, we fell asleep for a while.
i kept waking up cuz of bad dreams >.< blehh!
he was there to reassure me everything was fine though
usually when i have bad dreams, i wake up sad
but waking up and looking over to see him there was really comforting
i really wish i didnt worry so much, or i wouldnt have dreams like that
and nick said that one time i woke him up,
and while i was sleeping,
i started licking the pillow! :o
[e m b a r r a s s i n g]
but he thought it was really cute :)
we went to the grocery store because we were hungry,
but got home late and it was pouring rain
and my grandma left us, so my mom got us for evening church
we just ate a bunch of stuff instead of going to youth group
and i still have m&m's and faygo left lol
i'm pretty sure we got the ghetto-est meal ever ahaha XD
-2 microwave pizzas
-funyons, doritos, flamin' hots ~ all covered in hot sauce
-2 faygo rootbeers
- pack of m&m's
and all for under $5.50
now that is called bargain shopping, my friends :)

i look like a total crackhead in this picture XD
but look at his eyes!! they're so pretty <3
we took that in the car on the way home
i didn't want him to leave yet :( or ever

today i finally gave him the book i made in art.
(you will see the covers in the collages section on the navigation)
now its our new project :)
its got about 30 pages, and we're gonna pass it back and forth
writing little things in about eachother or putting things in that we like
its gonna be fun :) i cant wait to see how it turns out
it will have a little of both of us in it
it'll be a surprise every time :) <3 


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Kawaii couples XDXDXDXD
Anyway miss you berry o(^-^)o

Mina said...

Lol, that is a bit embaressing. But you guys look sooo adorable! I love seeing pictures of you two together. :)

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