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Monday, April 26

quick fix,

today i was busy :)
i woke up early to talk to Nicko before school,
then i went to the Doctors for a check-up at 9
went to McDonalds and speed-ate i the car on the way to school
i got to school at 10:35 and in math class at 10:40 with 15 minutes left in class
i finished the review in 10 with all correct answeres then packed up and went to 3rd block
now i've answered some emails, replied comments and finished a quiz
and now posting a blog

i am such a busy little woman :) haha

now after school,
i talked to amanda,
got a tweet from a film-maker [!!!]
did 5 edits for people
and helped someone with thier homework :)
im excited :D

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

i'm sooooo proud of you o(^-^)o
you are good at it and even a film maker likes your writing XDXD

o(^3^)o muack!! XDXD

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