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Thursday, April 8

sick today T-T

no sad face really though...today was very good :)
i was sick so i stayed home from school
i told Nicko and he wanted to take care of me and make me feel better
so he came over to my house, walking on a hurt ankle...
he would have skated but it was wet outside
and he brought over my favorite game :)
we layed on the couch and talked, watched some videos
went outside and painted and painted inside too ^_^
after i was feeling a little better and the weather was dry, we went to his house to get money then skated over to McDonalds
he got me a McChicken, fries and that new Mocha Frappe
that was soooo GOOD!! you dont even know!!
it gave me a huge brainfreez tho XD
we were still hungry after so we both got cheeseburgers lol
"We're definately going to be fat when we're older" he said lol
we crossed to street and went to the mall
for some reason he feels the need to spend money on me whenever he can haha
i found some shoes i liked & he said he'll get them for me when he mows the grass ^_^
i havent had new shoes in a very long time...
he got me a new shirt at Hot Topic though :) and a bracelet, both HIM branded lol
the shirt is purple and black :) i love it!! its just a little big but it looks good on me :)
we skated outside for a little and i took some pictures of him and the sky
my mom took us out to eat a little after she got home
but we were full from earlier so we just had some root beers...our favorites :D

i've been seeing Nick alot lately and its made me feel alot better in general, nothing is wrong when we're together. Its like the fun of hanging out with a best friend and the joy of being with your lover all at the same time, and its just so perfect to meus. Its exactly what i need. I love the way we can do things like paint together and sing together, its what i've always wanted to do with someone. sometimes he even tells me to start singing, which i like ♥ we can talk about art together, and things we like in videos and be specific, i LOVE that! i've always wanted to be able to have someone to talk about art with and i do :) its so perfect. He's so perfect. And he continues to prove me right on that :)
we dont have to go anywhere like most people do when they hang out, we can just chill. we can just enjoy eachother's presence even sitting outside or on a couch. i really miss him and i just saw him a few hours ago, its crazy. there's so much i could say about him, i could just endlessly list all of the ways he impresses me and is sweet to me and just everything *sigh*
well im off to go dream about him...
goodnight everyone <3

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