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Tuesday, April 6

it was a good day for the most part today :)
i went to Nicks for a while...well the whole day lol
i miss him >.<

something i dont understand...

never really have anyway...
which is wierd since i am a girl myself, but not really your typical girl

i dont understand the "normal" girls i guess. like the types that get really upset or jealous over really little stuff.
it was like a wierd problem where a girl and her friend like the same guy and none of them are dating and all 3 are friends. girl 1 gets jealous of girl 2 just because the guy is being nice to her i guess?? idk, my friend wasnt doing anything wrong he was just being himself, he's really nice so why would anyone expect him not to be?

i dont get why a guys and girls cant talk to eachother without it being something to get mad over.
flirting with someone is one thing, but just being nice and talking is fine to do.
being nice is good and harmless but flirting can cause problems...

i know that sometimes talking can be misunderstood as flirting sometimes, but this wasnt even one of those times!!
he's just a nice guy who was talking to his friend, it wasnt even bad

this has happened to girl 1 before though...
she thought someone liked her but he was just being himself
once again another nice guy just being his nice guy self

just because a guy is nice to you doesnt always mean he likes you...
same with girls towards guys

i just dont get it -_-

i also think girl 1 was trying to get back at the guy by flirting with someone who wasn't hers if you know what i mean....
and i wasnt very happy about that lol

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