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Thursday, May 13

honey suckles, dandelions and summer is coming ♥

i snapped these outside today :)
wearing a black sun dress that i've had for a while but didnt ever wear until today
what do you think?



oh my! THANK YOU BERRY, that's the most wonderful thing I have ever heard "it makes every reader feel close to you" . My only goal was being achieved! I never thought of it to happen so early. Thank you so much berry! I love you super duper !

aww~ that black sun dress really fits you a lot. You shine and I also love your eyeliner and your hair,you are so fabulous today and for always~ I love the background too so greeny ~

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

I love the background! I want to go to your house ne! XDXD Lol~~ Anyway you look super cute with that curly hair!! ♥

o(^3^(> <*)o miss you!

About me Aweedee :) said...

Hi hun~ Thnx for adding me back! Like your bloggies~ Wow now thats a awesome banner! :)) Really nice!

And well.yup yupp I'm looking forward reading your posts and well so long for now~ and Keep it up!

The pix give away a special feelin dunno calmness? haha~ Just overall really beautiful pictures hun~ You're very pretty! :))


Mina said...

Amazing! Such a good photographer. I love your new banner!

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