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Tuesday, May 11

i get mad basically every morning
partially because i have bad dreams every night
then when i wake up, i think about those dreams
and i get really mad...which isnt good
and every day its getting worse
which also isnt good...
but i cant do anything about it
so i guess thats how its gotta be

it sucks that my dreams can make me wake up thinking i hate someone
sometimes even more than hate
i dont like it, but thats how my dreams are
then i spend a good portion of the morning telling myself 
"they didnt really do that"
"you were just dreaming"

which is why i dont tweet when i wake up anymore
i gotta find a way to change my dreams
cuz i dont wanna have the bad ones anymore..

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Berry its just a dream ne (> <;;) You don't have to think it too much o(*^ ^*)o

Anyway I am sorry to hear about your parents (> <;;) Do they still talk with each others?? (> <;;)

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