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Wednesday, May 12

Poem - A Parasite That Never Leaves

so maybe it hurts, but its not a matter to care
...it is, but its hard to explain
and its not something to be messed with
because of all the pain
and i may only be thinking this way because of the rain

but sometimes i wish i had said what i felt
at that very moment in time, but i couldnt
because of the way i felt you would feel...

it wasnt good

maybe if i had expressed these thoughts i thought
maybe in my brain, she wouldnt still be caught
my brain has a web, and i wanted you to take care of it,
not let anything unhealthy for me to be in there

but when a spider catches prey in its web, it eats it
and all of those negative thoughts were devoured
all of that, to cause my feelings to turn soured

and then i got this deadly disease
of a parasite that never leaves

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