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Saturday, May 8

relay for life :)

yesterday i went up to Colerain Park for relay for life
all for cancer awareness :)
i hadnt planned on going before, but after finding out about my uncle i felt like i should
and that it would make me feel a little better

i went up there by myself and i was scared...
my boyfriend and his friend were playing music for money up there 
so when they got there i stayed with them
Nick played bucket-drums and Chris played guitar

we switched spots a few different times and i saw alot of people that i knew
including a couple teachers, (although definitely not my favorites..) classmates and former classmates and a couple people who used to go to my church & old summer camp

we took everything back to the car then came back with 2 guitars and a ukulele
they're all Chris'
so we all had string instruments
at first, they gave me the ukulele because im the smallest...
but i play bass...ukulele is like the total opposite XD
im used to really big metal strings, those were really tiny strings...and a really tiny instrument lol
i didnt really know what to do with it
then i switched out for a guitar and Chris had the ukulele
nick drummed on the back of a guitar and i played a little
Chris left for a while and i started playing a song i wrote for guitar a while ago
and then Nick started rapping to the tune :D

which made me happy, cuz i wrote the song for him...
of course i never had the courage to play it
but the time seemed right...and i wasnt nervous so i just did it
and he said he liked it :) so i was happy

and then it started raining :| i was sad about that
i was starting to wanna stay out longer
but it started raining harder so we ran to the car

of course we ran back outside into the rain for fun lol
then tried to sleep...but that didnt work all that well haha
barely slept at all!

but this is the first time i have ever been with my boyfriend over night :)
he left at 4:30 then Chris moved up to the front seat to sleep and i stayed in the back
i tried to sleep but i got too cold so i stared out the window
at 6:30 his mom took me home

i left with straight hair and came back with curly
humidity is definately NOT my friend!!

speaking of hair, Nicko cut his!
and it looks so cute on him <33
he sent me a couple pictures, and of course here is the product of those + my boredome

these two are the same picture
i like his hair alot >.<
im going crazy ahh!!!
[click pictures for full size]

and somewhere in the middle of all this, we walked to panera
pretty cool, right? :)


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Ah~~ (> <;;) Long time no see!! (> <;;)
I mean I haven't reply your comment o(T^T)o

Well I am busy with exam stuff and... y'know what its like ;(

Anyway miss you!! XDXD ♥


ya. looks good at him >< and you are pretty with your curly hair . love it!

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