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Monday, May 3

R.I.P. Courtnei

this was our only picture together
and we never got to take more
you passed away 2 years ago today
and everyday i miss you more

most people were never as nice to me as she was,
even though she was my rival in art, she never said anything mean
not even sarcastically

i pass her house whenever i leave my street and i can see it from my window
and i still have the tutu i wore to MORP and we had our tutu dance
we were the tutu twins :) we were so much alike
some people say i remind them of you, but no one is truly like you

i love you and i miss you so much
we'll meet again one day <3

P.S. I promise we will have our Cheese Parade as soon as i get to heaven. i love you my amazing Courtnei Cranberry!

RIP Courtnei Tayleur Lotridge


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

rest in peace courtnei o(*^ ^*)o

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Thanks for joining my contest!! o(^-^)o
Good luck for you~~ ♥

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