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Friday, August 27

g o b a n a n a s ;

i was dressed up in all yellow today for our school spirit day. 
i might post my whole outfit later, but anyway, today is boring so far.
basically i'm giving a speach on monday because one of the freshman made me kinda mad, asking if the program was pointless...so i dont think they'll really like that..
life is really starting to get frustrating, and its taking alot out of me and nick. we're so happy together, but thats the only parts of our lives that aren't messed up. i thought that his ex-girlfriend was the only obstacle we would have to overcome, but this summer we had a bigger problem that i cant believe even happened, it was stuff that was from the past and it was dumb that trouble came out of it.. then we could barely see eachother anymore. and now he has horrible stomach pains and i've got really bad anxiety and freak out all the time. both of our homes are starting to get tiring, and i hate where i live and who i live with...
we want to be happy and be together forever and we're going to, but there are so many things trying to stop us. first it was an array of different people, then it was parents, and now its physical pain which is hurting us both emotionally as well and its so stressful.. all we want to do is love eachother  it makes me so sad, and him too. everyone please pray for us and help us out, we need it, and im going to talk to God too.. we're going to do all we can to fix everything so we can be happy not just with eachother but with everything else too.  he's worth way too much to give up on. i love him so much ♥


btd. said...

Yay, yellow! <#
I will DEFINITELY pray for you Berry.

Roxy said...

it's super frustrating when there are constantly obstacles in the way, but that makes getting past them that much more worth it.

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