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Wednesday, August 25

study hall.

this is my first study hall in like, my whole life. and i'm a senior.
today is my second day at school and i dont even know, it feels wierd
knowing that i most likely wont be here another year, its wierd..
while on the subject of school,
i am going to be a doctor, now. instead of a graphic designer.
you know how sometimes doctors dont listen to you,
 when you have a problem that's hard to explain?
like, if your stomach hurts only when you leave the house,
and you know its more than just nerves, but thats all the doctor says it is?
well i wanna be the doctor that listens, because i think i can be.
i figured out what was wrong with Nick the other day
and he said it would be a good idea.
its a lot of school...like a LOT... but i think i can..
we will see :)

1 comment:

btd. said...

Omg that's so awesome! :)

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