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Thursday, November 11

"i will do anything that i am physically capable of doing, to get you over her."

Goodmorning all.
i woke up at 6:32 today...so i had to rush out of the house to be at the bus stop at 6:35
and i don't even smell bad or look like a mess.
can we say pro?! yah we can :)
the quote at the top is something nick said to me last night..
you know the person i've been talking about in my posts lately?
the one that i say i hate?...
these arent my first posts about that person.
you guys might remember last november when i posted a song i wrote called "ifatu[h]ated." that was about her.
maybe that might give you a clue.
i'll finally let you guys know that the person i hate is nick's ex girlfriend.
i used to be the person who never got jealous of any girl ever.
the first time i ever got jealous was the summer nick and i started dating and he said something (that i wont repeat) that actually made me really really jealous. it wasn't mean or anything, but it definately made me jealous.but i forgot about it and wiped it from my mind.
then in the fall, i started to get more jealous.
i wont say everything...
remember that post about the band Deus Mortum and how the show was great and it was my first photography gig? well lets just say something seriously ruined my day..
ever since then, i have become a really jealous.. its so bad to the point where i don't look at his shoes anymore because she works at the store he got them from and reminds me of a bad weekend.
it bothers me every day..
last night on the phone nick said
"i will do anything i am physically capable of doing, to get you over her. what can i do."
i said i couldn't really think of anything..
he said "i will personally give you everything you don't like in my drawers and let you burn them."
i didn't really know what to say..
and if he means "anything" then i've already got a list...
and so far it keeps getting longer...
and longer...
and longer..


Koo said...

That is so sad :\
I just hope you successfully overcome your jealousy. And you will, because he is with you :) and not her.

Aidyl said...

I know how you feel...
Im a very jealous girlfriend too.
Its so hard to manage....*sigh*
but I'm trying to get better day by day.
However, it really helps if your bf shows you he really loves you and clears misunderstandings.

Stay strong<3

btd. said...

I agree with Koo, it is sad. And hopefully you will get over this Berry. It'll just become another forgotten notch in your memory card and you can move on.

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