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Friday, November 12

i wore my hair up O_O omg!

i always wear my hair down but today i decided to put it up
it was tickling my neck XD
see the bright face? i'm sunny today cuz i get to hang out with nicko ^_^
texting him this morning ^_^ hehe its a daily routine XD

when i signed in this morning i saw 2 things that made me happy:
1 i saw that Candy Tuft had a new post!! i missed you!!
then i saw this picture on rabbito-chan's blog:
we match!! =D
totally made me morning even better ♥
and thank you for all your comments! you guys are always there for me!
i ♥ you all forever!
rabbito aidyl koo and blaze!
here's a better picture of my hair
my teacher said she thinks it looks cute like this and to do it more :] i might
today should be a good day ^_^
hopefully me and nicko can go to the mall today
i wanna look at stuff xD
and i just found out my friend has a job at a new pizza place in the mall by my house
and that they are desperate for new workers!!
i think i'm gonna apply =D

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