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Thursday, November 11


i just realized that i've got 760-something blog posts and not one of them was an introduction! so i guess i'll make one right now ^_^

my name is Asberry Ann Quinones-Stewart but i only use my first last name. i used to just go by Berry (of various spellings) and i've been called Kitty since i was little, but the nickname really caught on a couple of years ago. I got it because i meow all the time and purr if you pet me (all the meows mean differnt things and yes, sometimes people pet me. dont ask xD)  I'm from Ohio but born in Kentucky. i am currently 17 years old and will be 18 on February 4th. I'm a very sensitive and very emotional person and i am very serious...i am extremely sarcastic, but i can't take sarcasm. i am very complex (to say the least) and i think (probably too) deeply about everything. i've got a post-traumatic stress disorder so certain things are hard to cope with and i'm scared of certain things because of it and get really really nervous about certain words or things that remind me of something that happened a different time.
i love art...i love dance, i love music, i love writing and every other form of self expression. in dance, ballet was my first love. in music, it's bass but the first instrument i ever played was a wooden flute. i've been drawing since i can remember and my mom said that she noticed i had a talent when i was 4 and a half when i drew somebody i knew (either from church or a family member) and she recognized them because of how i drew their ears. i love digital imaging and photomanipulation. i've never taken any classes to help me besides when i played a recorder in music class. i went to an art class outside of school for a while, but i ended up being the teacher's assistant. i also assisted teaching various dance classes with my mom along with choreographing for numerous productions back when we were in Cincinnati Black Theater Company, which i kind of miss.
when it comes to sports, i like those too, but not nearly as much. my favorite sport is hockey, which i was into for a few years and was good at, but i love baseball and i like soccer. i always wanted to play soccer but i never really had the chance. baseball, i was good at, but after the baseball field i always played at was torn down i stopped.
i've always been a cynical kind of person. i use a lot of sarcasm but i saw a lot of silly things as well and half the time i don't make any sense. sometimes i like to do things that only i think is funny, like curse at someone in an unpopular foreign language when they make me mad, but i get a laugh out of it xD there really arent a lot of things that i think is funny, but i'm amused by little things, like cloud shapes xD
i write stories and if you want to read them, i've got links to them:
Those Things I Should Have Said.. (12 chapers, still writing)
Sorry, It was Just Me (4 chapters, still writing)
Orphans (finished, but may continue/revise)

funny facts about me:

  • i cant say any words that end in "arn," as in yarn, sounds like yawen when i say it. 
  • every meow means something different, one of my meows means "feed me macaroni" but i dont use that one very much
  • my favorite colors have always been purple, blue and green
  • i cant read books. books=words + paper, all i see is paper, and paper = drawing...then i draw in the books >.<
  • i have a shirt from pre-school that i can still wear
  • i can sing in Korean, German, Finnish, Spanish and Japanese 
  • my first blogger friend was the amazing and kawaii ~ Rabbito Roy Lee! :D ♥ !!
  • i used to not want kids and i used to not believe in families but Nick changed my mind :)
  • i get pooped on by birds alot :(
  • i get embarrassed easily and then cover my entire face with my hands
  • i squeak when i yawn

meep :D

well if you wanna know anything else just say it or if there's anything else you wanna know about me :)


btd. said...

This was very interesting!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

LOL @ "i get pooped on by birds a lot"! Hahaha! XDXD

I still and will always remember you're my very first blogger friend ever! And of course, the first thing I saw in your blog is... Chocolate Pocky! That time you said you've got $2 and you were gonna buy Pocky! XDXD

I ♥♥♥ you Kittychan!!! (^3^)

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