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Monday, January 31

kitty picture and hating when people play the victim

 ugh i feel all sicky this morning >_<
but nick made me all excited this morning with a big "i love you baby!!!!!!!!"
so i am in a good mood :D
i felt like crap when i woke up though >_<
i definately didn't wanna get out of my bed D: i was mad
plus i'm sad because morp is over and we're back to being in uniforms :(
i hate uniforms >_<
i like being able to express myself with what i wear~
you should have seen me at morp!
i was so confident and outgoing cuz i felt great about how i looked and i liked it and i got in pictures with people i'm not even close with and i think they liked me too ^_^ it was so fun :D

so i hate when people play the victim when thier not
it just pisses me off...
like if someone actually did something to them then okay thats fine
but if someone doesnt care about you OR anyone else...its nothing against you, they just really dont care
someone on formspring called me a heartless b-word for defending my old friend tim but i really dont care
she's already made some vital mistakes...
  • she talked to kacee and lawon, which is a given you just dont talk to them
  • i saw her call this other guy a prettyboy and seemed like flirty the whole convo
  • she like jumped in and just added everyone after she started going out with leonard and acted like she knew all of us
  • she copied me

it bothers me so bad when people copy me!
i'm doing this 30 day picture thing on facebook
which alot of people are doing
and i didn't see anyone having the same one so i just combined numbers from a bunch of different ones i saw
and she copied my exact one...
if thats not a give-a-way i dont know what is
ughhhhhhh it just pisses me off
bcoz i dont even know her! and she said i like how people talk shit about me when they dont even KNOW ME.
so why do you act like you know us?
if you're going to act like you know us then we're going to act like we know you...
isn't that what you wanted?

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