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Thursday, February 3

feeling invisible, blog feature and my recent obsessions :)

do you ever feel like you're invisible? or imaginary?
i've been feeling like that alot..
for about 2 months i have been extremely confused about life
because the world in my head and the real world
have bridged over into eachother
it's driving me nuts..
its confusing and scary because now i cant tell what's real
i had finally figured out what i can see
compared to what other people can see
and i thought i had everything all figured out
had this attitude that everything will be ok because it realy isnt real
then i found out that the worst thing is real
and that everything might not be okay


school is annoying me
and alot of other things are
nick wouldnt text me back at all this morning
i thought my phone messed up so i SMS'd him from MSN
still no reply  . . .
last night when i checked my facebook
i saw that i was tagged in a post by Rabbito-chan :D
she featured me on her blog!!
i got this cute banner also  will go on my sidebar soon
i ♥ her lots :D 
me and nick joined this site called collectoons a few days ago
its a really fun site that is alot like cartoon orbit if you remember that.
you get to collect cartoons and cartoon characters and trade them and its free :D
a girl i talked to on there told me to join the forum
for chatting, latest codes and stuff :)
when i found out you could have a signature i was like
i automatically went to photoscape lol
so here is my siggy! aint it cute??
its got a list of the toons i want and then a powerpuff girls quote
nicktine17 is my boyfriends username ^_^ mine is xoaeribaby :D
click our names to see our cWorlds :D
i have been obsessing over bento boxes lately~
i really really want to! maybe i wouldnt be so embarrassed about packing a lunch with one of these..
Portable chopsticks w/case, B ,5pks
all these found on daisojapan.com :) birthday present? xD
well although this is a bad day so far..
my b-day is tomaro so lets hope it good
although i am very sure that it will not be :(

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