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Wednesday, February 2

=( why!...

this morning has sucked
first when i woke up i had a bad headache and tummy ache
plus i was in a really bad mood from bad dreams
and i was scared out of my undies because the power went out in the middle of the night >_<
i texted my nicko this morning but i got no reply
i text him at 6:47...then 7:03...then 7:05 and i still got no reply so i stopped..
he text me around 7:30 and said
"ok..... its ok that you didnt even say hi...well i love you i hope i didnt do anything..i guess i'll talk to you tomaro"
he didnt get any of my messages
great....just great....
and its super windy outside and i was too light to get to the bus stop so i asked my mom to drive me to school and she got mad
2 days before my birthday and things are already going wrong
this is gonna suck :( what the eff..
cant i just have a good birthday? how bout a good month?
it would be nice to have a month dedicated to just me xD but it would..
just a month where you can be happy and everyone is nice
i want it to be my month and my birthday as my day
i want a good month...please...
no more of this......

1 comment:

Joee Joe said...

cheer up girl :) who knows, these bad things were brought forward from ur birthday so u could hav a super birthday instead??

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