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Wednesday, February 9

this morning i am excited
today me and nicko are hanging out
 so i am very very happy
today i woke up early and did my makeup...
like it? it is a fade from teal to purple with pink above the lid
bright pink blush (not very visible. . . )
mascara on bottom lashes and top are curled with liquid eyeliner :)
i think i like it  even with my hair curly
and remember those clips i wanted from hot topic? got them :)
i wore 2 of the zebra ones today
^ that pic is not edited...only the frame :)
i was talking to nick this morning about being 18
there is a tattoo i designed that we are both supposed to get
and i want it...now!!
but i want us to go get them together :)
so i thought a piercing would be better...cost less too
i wanted my nose or lip again but i'm trying to get a job. . . - ___ -
so he said my bellybutton...and i agree :D
i've wanted a bellyring since i was little...plus i have a nice tummy ;D
it kinda looks like i'm wearing falsies here on the bottom...
i like it though ^_^ i think i look cute today
welll...hoping to have a good day :)
i have 2 lectures and  Alex gave me his lunch card because he doesnt use it so i can eat for free at school now :D
very happy ^_^ byebye


P o o p e r said...

Love the eye make up and hair! Haha it does look like you're wearing false bottom lashes in the last pic. xD

Ugh thats what sucks about jobs ... >.< I'm secretly hoping that in the near future jobs will stop caring about face piercings.

Joee Joe said...

I like the makeup X3 So cute xD

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