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Thursday, February 10

good post gone bad....i have nothing to say..

nick has been super sweet lately ^_^ yesterday was so fun talking to him even though we didnt get to hang out. he was so cute :) he keeps saying how much he misses me and asked me to hang out...actually wants to try tomaro...i'm so excited that he's being sweet again ^_^
 you hid something from me...and i knew you did it, but i just knew you didn't because you were being so sweet and acting like you cared and being so nice, asking to hang out even...i was so excited and happy...and you call agi? when you know how hurt i am by it and i told you i would break up with you if you talked to her again...remember when you did that last time and you begged me not to leave you? you might want to do that again...i'm not playing this shit anymore. you said you were done doing this, you said you blocked her number, she's not on your facebook anymore and that you dont text her anymore...do you know what the hell is going through my head right now? you said you dont feel anything for her anymore...then why cant you stay away? the whole month of november is "hers" and you said you hate her...then why cant i have one weekend? you love me but i cant have a month to myself...so what do you think i am thinking? i bet you can take a guess...
here's something for you...
if you want me to forgive you then come to my house and get on your knees and beg
make me something thoughtful or write a note to me, anything you can think of
apologize for every time you  hurt me, and i want a good apology
think really hard and figure out what you're going to say to me..
then dont do it ever again. just like you promised.

you said that when i'm mad i dont do anything about it...you told me that sometimes i should take more charge when i want something...maybe this will make you realize how serious i am. i wont leave you, but you better prove that i mean something.

i am in a bad mood, i am furious, i am jealous and i feel very sick and violent.
sorry everyone. i am extremely angry.

i'm going to take a few days hiatus if i need to. my head is not on straight.
my whole life is a mess and nothing is going my way...and i thought it was going to but i just got big time let down. 

here's some pictures i took last night

goodbye. maybe blog on the weekend.

1 comment:

nick said...

i sent you a message on your ctoon forum page..read it

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