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Tuesday, February 8

sick, birthday disaster, anime edit and a drawing

yesterday i stayed home sick...today, still sick
but i hate to miss school because i like to listen to lectures
and i learn from them and get a grade for note taking..
i think i either ot sick from food or nickie's baby
and i can never sleep...last night i'm up still at 3:45...
my alarm goes off at 5 >_< leave the house by 6:30
forgotit was trash day and had to pee but everyone was in the bathroom
i asked politely if i could have a turn since i only had 4 minutes...
she said no so i said i would pee on her and started pulling down my pants...
i know, so gross but she gets up every time xD
---------------------OH NO!-----------------------
i just remembered i have a coockies and cream chocolate bar in the freezer and forgot to bring it to eat D: ahh!! FML!
i hate when i forget about candy...
how do you forget about candy??!!?!
my birthday did not go as planned >_<
the school part was awesome! best school day ever
one of my friends made me cookies
and one told me she was getting me a present
but kaitlyn wasnt at school so i was a little down
but i tried to keep my head up ^_^
after school i went to see nicko ^_^
i was so happy! we had some fun and played some games
lots of kisses and cuddles too :)
i like those from him alot :D
........then everything went totally wrong
i was sad that nick wasnt coming with me for dinner
but then i found out i was having 5 extra guests
and that was not what i planned!!!!
i hate when things don't go the way i want when they've been planned already
i do not like bad surprises like that
when we got to the restaurant we had to wait a long time
then the food i got made me sick :(
and nickie's baby puked on me -_-
it wasnt just normal puke...it like shot out at me >_< eww
and the people sang to me happy bday
looking at me like i was an alien -.-
was supposed to see nick saturday but he cancelled and hung out with a bunch of people so i was really mad that he didnt even try to invite me...i didn't want to be at home ...
sunday he cancled again and got mad at me for wanting to hang out so much
he has no idea what all was going on in an outside of my head...i needed someone there for me this weekend 
my sister and uncle were at my house driving me crazy and my mom was out shopping so he had nowhere to go (he's autistic and gma doesnt like him to be home alone)
tehya was erking my nerves and my uncle fell asleep on the stairs and snored really loud and then tehya turned on music and i went insane! there was no where in the house i could go to get away from it i could always here them even with headphones.. i tried to text people but no one would answer so i had nowhere to go and tehya stole my key to gmas so i was stuck...so i left...
i packed up a bag went for a walk for about two hours and then i got tired and sat at olympian club and wrote and drew and ate some stuff i brought and listened to music off my laptop...i didn't plan on going to home that night i was just going to wonder around until i passed out somewhere even if it was my back yard. i didn't care who or what i wanted to get away from everybody...yes everybody...with the way everything was going, how nothing was going as planned, nothing my way, and my jealousy (the worst part...by far) was making me almost not care about anything. it made me wish i would have done what all the other 18 year olds do, buy cigarrettes. and i would have smoked the whole pack if i did and i had money with me was right next to the gas station and i thought about it so hard...because i was so close to not caring about anything that i backhandedly hurt myself. smoking is bad...but to most people it is an acceptable form of bad. because so many people do it... and i'm sure my mind is in a bad place if i am wanting to do that still when i know what it can do to me..
see this...this is why i don't ever think positive about anything. what is it worth to hope? it doesnt matter... because when i hope for the best everything goes wrong. the opposite of what i want happens. when i get confident, i automatically get torn down and i feel worthless all over again. when something goes well for me, it gets cursed and ruined right as i finally get used to being happy and content...i don't know why i still hope at all anymore...because hope doesnt matter when what you hope for doesnt care. no matter how positive i think or how happy i try to be, something will always be in my way. no one can move it or get it out. i dont even know if i believe in God anymore...if i do, then he doesn't love me or he would tell me what i did wrong so i can fix it. 
my jealousy will be the death of me...i never really say how i feel about it either i always hide it...i just dont understand why you get a whole month just about you and he doesnt even love you. i should get a whole month...but i don't even get a weekend...fuck you..
i was in an editing mood when i was bored at the park and made this...
i posted the before picture first, then the edit i did
i did alot to it ^_^ i think i did a pretty good job...
i actually made 2 props on my own...the heart button and heartagram belt buckle
i used copy and paste types of things for the hair and extra chains
doesnt it look like me and nicko? ^_^

and here is a drawing i did before dance
me in anime form :D i drew it, took a little while >_>
i'm cutting my hair this way again :) thursday i hope

maybe blog later...i might take a short hiatus..bye


Saving Capulet said...

aww anime you is so cute!!! i wonder how anime me would look like ._. and i hope you will get well real soon pretty girl! cant wait to see your new cut! :3

MayClover said...

I like the drawing ;)!!

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