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Monday, May 30

angel aeri ~!

could i be an angel? haha xD :3
i found my old life-size angel barbie in the basement and my mom made me take it to my room 2 nights ago @_@ then i remembered it came with a halo and wings :D i wasnt gonna take pics but nicko gave me the bright idea xD
i like the way my hair looks in this one ^_^
^^^reminds me of one of those angel statues from ancient places :D
just thought i'd share the pics xD


baby.xi said...

Omaikot so cute lahh!!! :D

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

OMG OMG you're a pretty angel (^___^) I'm really sorry I didn't visit your blog for a long time D; I got soooooooooo busy with college stuff so I hope you understand (>.<;;) I love you Berryyyyyyy!!! ♥♥

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