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Wednesday, June 1

good mood :3

possibly new collectoons siggy? :3

i'm in a great mood ^_^ i had a cute convo with nicko, and he said he's gonna make up for everything and take me out to the mall for our date and spend 2000 on me xD 2000 is alot, but i thing it was figurative speech :P
either way, i am happy for our date!! i've been waiting for it for so long <333 its gona be so fun :)

i'm already home, got to go home early since i dont have exams. i am going to do online school called ECOT for next year or this summer to make up for my credits i missed. better than going back, plus i can work on my own pace, at my house or wherever. i'll sit at panera ^_^ ...xD

and i am loving the collectoons forum now! i was a little bored before...but now i'm making friends :) ever since i started making sigs, people are being so nice to me :D and there are so many friendly people~!! and i get so many complements on my designs ^_^ i wont lie, i like compliments :D they make me feel good about what i do, and i'm not used to getting feedback like that so its exciting ^_^

more made sigs for ppl:

i am eating some leftover chicken & gnocchi from olive garden last night, it heats up so well <3
best thing for a sore throat :) its smooth and is sort of like chowder, and there are small smooth dumplings that feel good to swallow, it soothes the scratchyness :) and i covered it with cheese xD now for some zeppoli <3 the best desert :D comes with chocolate sauce too :) well, this is all for now! ttyl!!


P o o p e r said...

I was just looking at all the sig banners you posted. :D
I like your KH one and your professor layton one!
You're good, its no wonder everyone likes you on the forum! Awww, have fun going to the mall with yo man. :'3

At family gatherings they forced me to dance too. but in all honesty I'm stiff as hell. I tried and tried just to be laughed at. xDD; Even though my friends think I have potential and say I'm too hard on myself. >.>; but girl! :D I wish I could see your dancing skills!

Anonymous said...

is nicko liking your teeth?? xD

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