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Tuesday, June 28

2 days until our anniversarry :D

he's so cute :) even with the facial hair <3

smiles :D

my favorite <333

he looks like an otter! (see comparison below)

kisses <3

 thats my nicko :) can you believe it's gonna be 2 YEARS?! i'm so excited :)  i'm gonna make a cookie cake ^_^ i gotta do finishing touches on the book too ^_^ and some other things...

tomaro is the anniversarry of the first day we said "i love you."
i want it to be all about love <3
i hope it turns out perfect :) i'm really really excited :)
for both of us, its our first real and FULL 2 year anniversarries with anyone :)!!!!! i'm excited for it :)
and here is a corrected picture of the breakfast in bed post xD

i forgot the facial hair! :D
still just as adorable <333

well, nothing else i wanna talk about ^_^
i'll do a real post again after the anniversarry! trust me, it will definately be really long and picture heavy ! ♥

and RABBITO I SAW YOUR COMMENT! yes, i do have the same mobile number! :D i texted you but you didnt reply :( i miss you!! talk to me when you can :D


konayachi-nyan said...

Have a nice 2nd year anniversary both of you :) Hope get your best day tmr! ^^

a e r i . t e r r o r ♥ said...

thank you so much ^_^ !

eimi.desu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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