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Saturday, July 2

* + ♥[2 YEAR ANNIVERSARRY ]♥ + *

end of the second and start of the third :)
and it was awesome <33
i mad a cookie cake sweet enough for the occasion :)
isnt it adorable? it was a giant chocolate chunk cookie with icing, sprinkles and some oreos :) it was so sweet that it made us sick! xD
we spent the whole day skating, eating, having fun and just loving eachother :)
here's some pictures from the day for some memories <3
the clouds were gorgeous :)
well hello there tall dark and handsome :) despite how pale the picture makes him look haha he's gorgeous <3
mess up pictures, i only caught the lights. but i think it looks cool :)

my baby skating :)

another day to remember <3
i love our days together. i hate when we're apart. i feel lonely and miss him so much when we are, i cant wait to see him again every time. i miss him so much even though i just saw him yesterday <3
love is the best feeling there is. you get butterflies all day long. you can have fun and be yourself. you can be best friends. and you can have that indescribable happiness that only they can give you.

will post again soon <3
hopefully nick blogs a little about this too :)
i wanna know what his would say <3


1 comment:

☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Hey hey =D I know I'm late to say this but still...

Happy belated anniversary Aeri & Nicko! (^O^)

I hope you and Nick are going to love each other till FOREVER!! (*A*) & make sure you send me your wedding card to me although the possibility of me coming USA is 0.01% lol... ;p But nothing is impossible right? I'm currently saving my money for winter vacation so yeah~~ :3

Gonna miss you Aeriiii!!!!♥♥

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