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Monday, August 24


you know you're happy when you truthfully can not find a single word to describe it. Well me and my boyfriend had to make up the word glameep to describe how happy we are, we were on the phone and he said we should make up a word (of course he said that through the massive giggling) so he said he would make up one part and i would make up another. he said "gla" i just squealed and giggled because i didn't know what to say, (and i thought the way he said "gla" was cute, haha.) Then finally yesterday, there's this inside joke kinda thing where i decided a certain part of me could talk, but when i spoke to it all it said was "meep" and he said that should be the second half of the word and i agreed. so instead of us being happy with eachother, we are glameep! :D

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