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Monday, August 24

Photo Collection - Quiet Girl

one of my ways of self-expression is through pictures and photography.
here's a collection of photos i call
"quiet girl"

the last two, i actually took months ago, all the others were taken this morning.
as some may know, i'm really quiet. there are some people who've never heard me speak. there's alot of reasons that i don't say much:
i think i might say the wrong thing,
i dont want someone to get the wrong impression,
 i hate my voice,
 my voice may crack,
 no one will hear me anyway
they might not pay attention
i don't like my teeth
and so on...
 alot of the time, i really just don't know what to say or have nothing to say. i'm always thinking or writing something in my head...my brain overloads. if i feel happy, i'll feel alot  happier than i really am. if i get sad, i feel 10x sadder than i should. my brain gets tangled up easily and i wish it didn't. but that's why i'm so shy and quiet,
i think things will be alot better if i kept my mouth shut

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