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Tuesday, October 27

The Concert! Seventh Void, Destrophy and TYPE O NEGATIVE!!

The first band that played was Seventh Void, Kenney Hickey (my favorite) the guitarist for Type O Negative and the drummer are in this band where Kenney sings lead, they sound different than T.O.N. but i freakin love them now!

this shot of Kenney is my favorite! The guy you see is the bouncer, he's really nice :)
the next band that played is called Destrophy. they formed in 2002 i think but i just heard of them last night...they really rocked! i only saw them as an opener but i can already say i'm a fan. the lead singer Ari looked at me a few times so i was giggling like a little school girl haha i didnt expect to get his attention!

do u see the muscles on this guy? i'm not too big of a fan of muscular guys (i know i'm wierd) but he actually doesnt look like bad with muscles! *props to you, ari*

the bassist was pretty cool, he was usually on my side of the stage and he was bouncin around everywhere and was so into the music...it made me get more into it! haha

The green man himself...Peter Steele! In my opinion, he has one of the most entrancing voices in music.
i took this as they played one of my favorite songs: "Loe You To Death"

that's kenney being amazing, he stole the show by far.

Peter Steele is about seven feet tall...i'm not even exaggerating he's huge!

in the picture to the right, Kenney actually made eye contact with me right before i took that...i was so excited about that haha i mean i really almost cried, they're my favorite band!

the show was incredible, seriously. they sound exactly the same in concert if not better! when i got there actually, i made friends almost instantly (i went by myself) i was there earlier than most people and i was the youngest person there! (besides maybe 2 kids with thier parents but they didnt look like they wanted to be there) and of course one out of 3 black people in the whole club. lol. (i'm used to it) when i was talking to theses two women, Becka and Dana we basically connected instantly. it all started as they were talking about a stage hand they thought was cute. haha! i was one row of people behind the gate which is the closest you can get. they pulled me in between them up to the front! i was there from start to finish ^-^ turns out Dana actually dated the drummer for the band Carnivour which is Peter Steele's other band, so we actually had a small chance to get back stage! i would have tried but my mom made me leave T-T
near the end of the show, some guy was like on me...i didnt like that. he ended up pushing me into a bunch of people and taking my front row spot. to tell you the truth, i couldnt really breathe lol i was pressed up against a metal gate and squeezed between two people plus im only 4 foot 10, holding on to the railing for my life to make sure i dont leave front row. the bouncer who's in all the pictures, KICKED HIM OUT! i didnt even ask! it was so nice!
when the concert was over, Becka and Dana walked outside with me and i introduced them to my mom.
they made sure i was safe and had a good time, its awesome to meet genuinely nice people :) like when the wierd guy was pushing me Becka put her arm around me to push him away and helped make sure i stayed up front. being as short as i am, my arms barely go over the bar on the gate. any farther back and i wouldnt have been able to see! they were like my concert mommies! THANKS BECKA AND DANA! me and Dana were rockin out! No one was having as much fun as we were, bet cha 10 bucks :)
i had to do alooooot of make up homework to be able to go to that and im so glad i did it! it was so worth it!
if anyone wants to go to a good show i definately suggest you see Type O Negative, Seventh Void or Destrophy, they are definately worth going to.
and...my ticket was only like 20 bucks...thats a good price for an even better concert!
i'm tellin ya,
that is definately
a highlight of my life.


Mina said...

I'm glad you had such an awesome time at the concert. Your pictures, like always are so amazing. My favorite one is the sixth one counting up from the bottom, [that so didn't make sense...]. It's cool you made friends fast and made sure you were ok. It's funny because today I heard a song from T.O.N. and I wa like, omg, they freakin' rock!!! LOL!

Berry Quiñones said...

TOLD YA! ^-^ see they need to be put out there! and they sound the same in concert as they do on record so everythings amazing! i was so happy to be there and i love that band and concerts so i was in my happy place haha

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